Incorporating a 75-tonne rammed earth wall, the J&J Residence utilises a series of vertical internal ducts that connect the roof space to a sub floor ventilation system, creating “Activated Thermal Mass”.

In the winter months, hot air is collected in the roof space and slowly pumped through the wall to actively warm the thermal mass. During summer nights, “Skycool” conductive paint cools the roof space. Before daybreak, when the air is at its coolest, it is pumped through the wall, reducing its temperature.

This activated system greatly improves the effectiveness of thermal mass to maintain optimum internal temperatures year around.

An on-site aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) converts all human waste to water for garden and landscape irrigation.

A large solar array and underground watertank reduces reliance on offsite supplies.

The use of low-e glass, deep overhangs to the north and heat reflective blinds reduces energy input.

Project Team:

Michael Hogg

Greg Lamb

Kasia Jarosz

Lucia Castro Peres

Chris Kotmel

Sam Charles Ginn


Christopher Frederick Jones

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