Undertaken by Donovan Hill with Michael Hogg as Project Architect. The copper house is a consolidation of two family’s individual holiday houses onto one new site

The site contains a number of individually accessible buildings under two roofs, that can be used in a number of ways to suit the number of occupants and length of stay.

A central landscape, which is largely covered, acts to link the individual buildings, while providing shaded outdoor space to retreat from the beachside sunshine.

A large spanning portal roof collects the individual buildings, linked on the upper level by a bridge-like kitchen.

The portal contains a large opening to the sky, below which a new pine tree has been planted. Trained towards the sunlight, the tree will eventually become taller than the house and become part of the collection of existing mature pine trees retained on site.

Materials were chosen for their low maintenance and slowly changing appearance, marking the passing of time, such as copper and weather protected Australian hardwoods.

Openings are oriented for ocean views and optimised for cross ventilation and sun shading.

Project Team:

Shantanu Starick

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