This project re-invigorates the life of an existing Queenslander cottage in inner city Paddington.

A new extension is carefully considered to mitigate the issues of a steep site and overlooking neighbours, creating platforms and private courtyards that extend the functioning ground plane. Internal and external volumes interlock, expand and compress in a delightful sense of play, with geometric barrel vaults defining the significance of rooms. Views are edited while portions of the sky, trees and mountains are carefully framed through a series of openings, peepholes and voids. The crisp aesthetic of the new exterior amplifies the character of Brisbane’s subtropical setting; - sharp light and shadow, bright blue skies and lush green landscapes, in deference to vernacular exemplars. Interior surfaces subtly reflect and play with natural light, while the restrained palette of materials and finishes highlight the essential qualities of what remains in a serene heightened atmosphere of calm.

Project Team:

Michael Hogg

Greg Lamb


Christopher Frederick Jones

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