Undertaken by Donovan Hill with Greg Lamb as Project Lead.

Tank Bar and Restaurant is located in the CBD at the base of Santos House. The neighbouring space is appropriated
by assimilating the materials of the base building and laneway. The lobby, laneway, bar and restaurant mutually benefit from their affinity. The compensatatory devices required for the plan have been embraced in a quirky but appropriate manner.

The success of the restaurant depends on the use of the laneway. Including furniture into the laneway makes both
spaces more comfortable and inviting. As a market enriches a street, Visibility into the restaurant is enriching for all
users of the building. A comfortable and accommodating dining room was seen to be vital to the success of the restaurant. Borrowing the material palette from the lobby infers a single territory and from the patrons’ experience, seems to extend the dining room beyond its actual boundaries.

Project Team:

Shantanu Starick

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