"A restaurant without a dining room". Sunshine is a Mediterranean eatery with a focus on high quality take-away food.

Aiming to provide vegetarian cuisine on par with neighbouring restaurants such as Helenika while elivening the local streetscape. Sunshine boasts a lateral approach and a different type of offering.

From the street, customers are greeted by bright yellow umbrellas, outdoor furniture, and landscaping. This streetscape enhances the outdoor dining area and lend a touch of Mediterranean charm.

The client bravely agreed to demolish an existing weatherproof structure to improve the overall appearance of the street as well as lending a sense of identity to venue.

At Sunshine, the food and ambiance are of an exceptional quality and elevated price point in comparison to other takeout restaurants.

Consequently, the interior design must align with these standards and offer customers a compact yet refined entrance. The elevated ceiling and abundance of natural light creates a distinctive and unexpected moment upon entry, challenging traditional perceptions of "takeaway food."

The tall, vaulted ceiling stretches up to the full height of the space, while a large skylight provides plenty of natural light that streams down the rear wall.

In the background stands a bustling commercial kitchen, creating energetic backdrop to the front of house area.

The heart of the room features a wooden table, showcasing various condiments, supplies, and a bonsai olive tree. This allows patrons to move around freely as they choose from the delectable offerings on display.

Project Team:

Greg Lamb

Matthew Hyland


Christopher Frederick Jones  

Greg Lamb

Joshua McGuire

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