Salon X Papas is an environment both fashionable and timeless, bringing a new experience of sequence and ceremony to a well-loved brand while maintaining the client’s vision.  

Conceptualised as a room within a room, a double-height cutting-floor is located centrally, allowing auxiliary functions to occur around a generous primary volume.  

With customer experience acknowledged as the driver for the project, Salon X Papas draws heavily on the themes of sequence and ceremony.

As the nature of Fashion is to constantly change, designing a space that could last for decades was a challenge. The strategy was to develop a timeless scheme based on spatial quality and theatre rather than colours, fittings or furniture pieces currently in vogue. The result is a dramatic space both elementary and enduring. By creating a timeless space designed to last for decades the aim is to reduce the churn so commonly accepted in the building and fashion industries.

Project Team:

Christopher Frederick Jones

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