New Farm Confectionery is a layered coppery jewellery box, warm and enticing, adding a unique and eye-catching flare to the Airport mall. Although only 36m² in size, the design makes use of every inch of the available space to create a tangible experience.

An atmosphere of abundance was created to dazzle the customer. Wall mounted dispensers, deep trays full of confectionery, a myriad of wrapped sweets and a wall of chocolate bark all combine to induce a sense of excitement and childlike wonder regardless of the purchase.

A copper based scheme emerged as the ideal solution, allowing a rich and layered to be authored while appearing homogeneous enough to be read as a unified space.

Innovation is derived from experimentation and novel use of materials to create an intimate space with personality to spare. A fine woven copper-mesh panel reflects light in unexpected ways.

Project Team:

Alex Chomicz

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