Widely known as having “the best croissants in the world”, we were excited to help Lune expand into Brisbane. The venue is designed with operational efficiency in mind, boasting an industrial aesthetic that embraces its functional origins. The fitout is divided into two distinct areas: Production and a Retail.The Retail component faces Manning Street, three huge guillotine style windows form the façade to the paired back design.

Simple concrete forms create a landscape of beautifully made display counters and benches within an exposed structural shell.The Production area centres around "The Cube," a temperature-controlled glass enclosure where pastry is meticulously laminated and rolled. A sub-tropical garden serves as a backdrop to The Cube, providing a welcome visual relief for both staff and patrons.Visitors can enjoy an exclusive degustation experience that affords them an up-close view of Lune Croissanterie's pastry-making process within The Cube.

The experience consists of three experimental courses that showcase the pastry chefs' creativity and innovation. Guests are still invited to observe the processes within The Cube while dining from a close vantage point. The industrial space's lighting is implemented skilfully to distil the detail of the exposed structure and create a clear and comprehensible environment for visitors.

Project Team:

Greg Lamb

Matthew Hyland


Christopher Frederick Jones

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