Duck & Rice recalls the exoticism of the far East at a time of Art Deco exuberance. Modern Cantonese Cuisine is re-imagined in a setting embellished with a fusion of Chinese and Style Moderne references.

Custom lanterns, bespoke metal screens and moon gates combine with elaborately detailed timber and stonework to weave a rich tapestry, embedded with historical and decorative references. Large-scale design elements, like the Lantern Room and Bar, act as visual markers, translated by patrons through imagery shared across social media platforms.

Circle motifs pay homage to the Chinese symbol meaning “fulfilled”. These emerge as fluted, curved and circular elements at various scales. The centre-piece of the fit out best describes the intention of this powerful visual symbol. A monumental chandelier, made of 450 linear metres of borosilicate glass tubes creates a dazzling canopy suspended over the central bar. Curved dining booths and tubular, art deco inspired light fittings further reinforce the curved forms expressed in walls, floors and ceilings.

Project Team:

Greg Lamb

Michael Hogg

Kasia Jarosz

Lucia Castro Peres

Matthew Hyland


Christopher Frederick Jones

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