Undertaken by Cavill Architects in association with Hogg&Lamb.

The scheme for 17 Byres St, Newstead incorporates a series of versatile workspaces addressed by a generous central atrium – a four-storey space that presents a rejuvenating experience of abundant landscape, natural light and views to the sky.

From the street, fenestrations are filtered by shading screens, views into the atrium are more immediate, attracting the observer to the public aspect of the building. The resolve is to distinguish the public and private nature evident in the two façades of the building.

The design is conscious of the value of permeable landscape and accordingly integrates generous planting to the eastern and western elevations. The atrium frames the public aspect of the building, it is transparent, open –  an interactive space that encourages a sense of community both within the building and from the street. The building aspires to provide a workplace that fosters enthusiasm, a sanctuary for its occupants and a destination for its visitors.

Project Team:

Michael Hogg

Greg Lamb

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