Bar Tano is a unique establishment that was carefully designed in collaboration with its sibling venue, Gemelli.

In contrast to Gemelli's warm and inviting atmosphere, Bar Tano exudes a cooler, more enigmatic ambiance. Despite facing the same logistical challenges such as restricted access, complex service requirements, and low ceilings, Bar Tano cleverly disguises its complexity through the strategic use of light and mirrors.

The design of Bar Tano is influenced by the Italian tradition of aperitivo and offers a multi-layered experience. Guests can enjoy a casual drink by the window or settle into an intimate booth for cocktails and conversation that lasts late into the night.

Despite its small size, the space is thoughtfully organized, and each seating arrangement offers a unique perspective on the environment. As you approach Bar Tano, the design elements shift, subtly signalling the separation of space through the use of materials and finishes. The window bar seating creates a direct connection with James Street, while further into the establishment, the atmosphere becomes more sensual and intimate, utilizing green marble, timber, and polished concrete to create a tactile experience.  

The central bar, illuminated from above, showcases the silhouette of bottles that reflect against the mirrored ceiling. This unifying feature brings the entire space together and elevates the overall aesthetic.

Project Team:

Greg Lamb

Michael Hogg

Matthew Hyland


David Chatfield

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