Babylon Rooftop Bar and Restaurant recalls the splendour of a lost and ancient city. Sumptuously finished dining rooms, hanging gardens, arcades, colonnades and stone buildings spring from an imagined, labyrinthine and ruinous landscape. Patrons are drawn to experience this lavish world where sight, taste and touch are authentically indulged.

Dispersed across the tenancy are archways, colonnades and travertine plinths forming a sequence of interconnected rooms. These recall the spatial qualities of a bazaar where patrons are drawn to discover various settings over multiple return journeys. Hanging gardens bring a verdant quality, ensuring rooms are visually evolving. The contrast of historical archetypal references juxtaposed against refined and luxurious finishes further enriches the patrons’ experience, delivering a feast for the eyes and the appetite.

Project Team:

Greg Lamb

Michael Hogg

Kasia Jarosz

Lucia Castro Peres

Matthew Hyland


Christopher Frederick Jones

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