Situated on the banks of the Brisbane river, Babylon's design is inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian city and utilizes masonry in an authentic yet modern palette to create an immersive and authentic atmosphere for diners.  

The interior design of Babylon restaurant is evocative of a an ancient yet thriving city, with sumptuously finished dining rooms, arcades, and colonnades of brick and stone buildings that create a labyrinthine and ruinous landscape. The use of masonry provides a sturdy and durable cladding to both the indoor and outdoor structures which allow patrons to indulge in the experience of this lavish world.

Brick archways and colonnades contribute to the historical authenticity of the design, while also creating a sense of timelessness and grandeur. Natural stone and brick materials add warmth and cosiness to the interior spaces, making them feel inviting and comfortable for diners.

Masonry, stone and terracotta are combined to form a decorative layer in Babylon’s design. Green marble tables and travertine flooring provide a luxurious and sophisticated touch, connecting diners to the natural elements of the outdoor terraces.

Overall, the combination of masonry forms a distinctive element in the design of Babylon restaurant, creating an immersive and captivating ambiance that transports diners to another world and provides a unique and memorable dining experience.

Project Team:

Greg Lamb

Michael Hogg

Matthew Hyland

Cailin Mackey


Cieran Murphy

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